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An erotic club is a relatively stabile organization, which unites a company owner with owners of saleable bodies into a symbiotic complex. This co-existence is relatively stable in some erotic clubs, but in most of them the "body" part keeps coursing which means that girls come, stay for a week or month and leave for another place about which they think that it will be better or they heard rumours from a friend that there is "more fun" over there, whatever it might mean.

In any case, already at the start we can refute an idea that an erotic club consists of twenty stabile women who already had a sex with a half of a male population in the town. This is not the case. If you are at least partially informed about how our server works, for sure an idea has just come in your mind, how come that there are specific women mentioned in relation with some of clubs, if the women circulation is so high. This is the right question and here is the answer: unlike practically all of other Czech servers specializing in searching for escorts and clubs, Escort online aims for a maximum verity of information in our database of erotic clubs. Our information is not based on estimate or good faith. It is based on a practice, which means that we keep checking an authenticity of staff in different companies - majority of company presentations is supplied with photographs, which were made at the time of company registration in the database - in such a case you can be sure that it corresponds with reality. On top, thanks to the fact that the server management keeps in permanent touch with company managers, we will always pay our attention to keeping the information up-to-date and exact. Of course, in view of relatively high mobility of "erotic masseuses" it is not possible to give a guarantee of 100% accuracy. It is also you who can help us in this respect - if you find a company with information, which does not correspond with reality, let us know about it and we will do everything to correct the mistake. If you want to help us even more (and improve Escort online services), don't hesitate to mention to the club that you found it in our database, because nowadays everyone knows that internet is a medium which incredibly speeds information spreading - if you yourself can prove its power in practise, you will even increase the interest of club owners to get involved.

But let us get back to help about how to use erotic clubs. Erotic clubs differ from incall apartments, which are private flats where similar sins take place. Erotic clubs may be a bit more expensive but there are generally more professional services, there is a stable price list and they usually have hygienically proper premises where the only risky thing is a smoky bar. We want to bring your attention to the fact that by saying this we don't want to push aside neither incall apartments not freelance girls. On the contrary - services of this type are nowadays also being widely used and in most cases their premises are also very tidy and properly kept. But the quality guarantee of private premises is not regulated by any clear rules, timetables and price lists. As such they are not possible to be monitored and that is why certain misunderstandings are unavoidable. Generally said there is the same rule both for incall apartments and erotic clubs. The client can be as satisfied with all the erotic services well and properly provided both by a solid club and a solid incall, as coned he can be in a questionable club or incall. A snag is not to decide whether to go to an incall apartment or an erotic club. There is a snag to choose the right one.

Will describe the pros and cons of incall apartmnents in a chapter called Incall guide. There are usually following rules related to erotic clubs: expensive clubs with a solid equipment, accepting credit cards, advertising time to time - they practically are a certain guarantee of solid services (at least a night comfort will not turn out to be Friday the 13th instead of four orgasms). Some of these companies can be branded as luxurious, which means that for a bigger penny you can choose from many really pretty girls and spend with them moments of coveted bliss - for instance in beautiful Jacuzzi being pored with champagne and licked by numerous pink tongues (please, add your own possible erotic fantasies and desires). Other solid companies might not be as luxury but an average monthly salary of a Czech citizen will not fly up the chimney for an hour services. In spite of that you can have yourself filled with an angelic delight and have a good fun for middle range prices at the bar.

Another chapter is a cleverly organized mass erotic market where you can choose from a large number of women who are displaying themselves. You can negotiate the price or even arrange a mass delivery of women, such as organized by some escort agencies. More information about escorts can be found in our Escort guide. There is another section of so called cabaret clubs where you can watch a strip or lesbian show and you are not automatically expected to buy some of the delights. So you can get blind drunk or just watch and envy.

On the other side of the river, which marks the imaginary boundaries of quality, there is a danger of nightclubs of rather lower quality. We will not list these clubs, of course, but our wandering about night Prague unfortunately also brought us to a significant group of clubs of sad or contradicting quality. It is necessary to be aware of following matters in nightclubs of this type as they can let the cat out of the bag:

a) Too high prices for strange looking women
b) Too high entrance fee and no, you can't have a look inside
c) Women look like men
d) Have a good look around a room and check if the club is not too dark and dirty - check if you got clean bed sheets, if women don't stink or if they have noticeably strong perfume
e) There is only one woman or two in a club saying that the others are about to arrive
f) It is very suspicious if some women are not shaved under their arms
g) Don't underestimate locality - usually you will not be offered an identical twin of Pamela Anderson in a horrible basement or a dirty private hollow
h) Don't get confused by a high price. You can get fantastic prices in few unspecified clubs where we wouldn't recommend you to go even if you got paid for it.

There is a general rule - if somebody wants to make you pay too quickly for something you haven't even seen and if this person is arrogant and unpleasant on top, there is nothing simpler than leave for another place. Some of the listed points might seem a bit funny to you, but you can believe us that we have seen it all (and even more) with our own eyes and we had witnessed a rather strange treating.

There is the last and saddest group of erotic clubs, which should get closed as soon as possible because they are more than suspicious. There are not many of them, maybe four or five in the whole of Prague, but they exist. You will not find any of them in our database.

A guaranteed possibility of saving most of your money is to come to a club by your own car or municipal transport. If you catch a taxi, get out two blocks next. The matter is that some clubs offer a thousand or more crowns per "head" to a taxi driver who brings a customer. The paradox is that this is the amount, which you, as a customer, will pay. If you arrive to the club by a taxi you will often pay a thousand three hundred or a thousand crowns of entrance fee instead of three hundred or zero crowns. This is, of course, absolutely unnecessary even if you have a lot of money - for sure you know a better way how to spend it instead of throwing it out of the window directly in the pocket of the taxi driver who has done nothing apart from bringing you to a certain place. The same situation is if you come to Prague from abroad and don't know the town yet or if you are in the nightclub for the first time and you are all nervous of choosing the club. If you happen to appear in such a situation then never ever ask a taxi driver for his opinion about where is the best place to get erotic services and never accept his friendly suggestion because he will not bring you to the place, which is financially and qualitatively best for you. He will bring you to the place where he will get paid the most for your "head", which usually has got nothing to do either with a friendly advice of a nice taxi driver or with your idea about the best erotic club. Don't forget that you have your own head or Escort online to orientate yourself in topography, prices and quality of services of erotic clubs. Then you can surely set out somewhere (or two blocks from "there") where you more or less know what to expect. Taxi drivers are sworn enemies of our purses and that is why it is the best to keep off their friendly services.

In conclusion we could say following about erotic clubs: erotic clubs often have permanent clientele, which is mostly happy with the club and often visits it. But it doesn't mean that the club, which is empty at the moment of your arrival, is not good. The attendance of erotic clubs is a purely accidental matter and even the best club might have a bad day when you were the only one who arrived. If the club looks decent don't worry about the lack of other clients. On the contrary, be happy that you have a great choice only for yourself. You should not forget that there is something in your pocket, what the club owners want - your money - and don't be afraid to relax or leave in case that the club doesn't suit you. According to our legal system nobody can force you to pay for any services but those you have ordered. That is why if anyone will try to extract money from you or force you to use any services against your will, don't hesitate and call police immediately. Be aware of the fact that unlike a private, the erotic club is monitored and tolerated by state, law and security up to a certain level and, in the case of problem, you as a customer have an advantage over them. If you shivered a bit whilst reading these lines, keep quiet - all of this is just a theory and nothing like that should happen to you in any of erotic clubs registered on Escort online server. But you never know where your destiny brings you and so it's better to be prepared.
Escort online does not provide, arrange for or otherwise faciliate any of the services advertised on this site! Unauthorized use of any part of this site without express and written permission is strictly prohibited. All persons listed at this server are of legal age.
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