Download a Android application and have an instant access to all the Czech girls from our database. The application was developed for our sister site which is intended for local Czech audience, yet the content is the same as that of Escort online. The application is, with a few exceptions, fully localized to English, so you should have no trouble navigating the interface.


Before installing the app you need to allow installation of apps from Unknown sources. You do that in your Security settings, located under Settings - depending on your device and system, the exact location may vary.

Then, download the app from using the link above. You will need a device with Android system, at least version 4.0. Once the download is complete, open your device system / status tray in where you should find the downloaded application (sex.apk). If you for any reason clear the status tray or can not locate the download, look for the /downloads folder on your device or download the app again. Click on the installation package to install.

The installation is the same as with any other application - you can check that the app does not require access to your contacts or anything of importance, the only permissions needed are used for: location detection (to allow sorting by distance), modify storage (to save database and images locally), network access (to update the database), prevent device from sleeping (not to corrupt the database while it is updating) and install shortcuts (to place an icon on your home screen - this is optional and can be turned off when launching the app for the first time)

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the app from your applications.

The benefits of our app

- not only it is free, but it is also entirely ad-free

- fast, reliable, easy to navigate while retaining the core functionality of our system

- not only can you view and sort girls relative to your current position, but you can also easily display the exact position of girls on an integrated map

- offline mode - the entire database is stored on your device (and regularly updated) so you can access the application even without connection to the internet

- favorite girls - add / remove any girl from the list of your favorites for easy access. no login required, all the data is stored locally on your device

- notifications - enable notifications to receive an update everytime a new girl is added to our database

An unknown source? Not in my lifetime!

Well, if you are suspicious about installing an application outside Play Store, then by all means continue using Escort online or to look for your erotic adventures in Prague or entire Czech Republic. We're doing our best to improve our sites, especially versions for handheld devices, to be as convenient and user friendly as possible, geolocation features included, so as long as you don't mind, neither do we of course. Then why an app you ask? Well - chances are, that the days of the internet, in terms of webpages viewed in web browsers, are numbered, especially on handheld devices. Apps are faster, more convenient, easy to control, so why not convert our content to one and give you more choices? There is only one problem though...

To list an app on a Play Store, one has to fulfill certain conditions and abide by terms of use. No matter how you look at it, our database does indeed contain some offers and services (escort service namely), which may be considered at least questionable from Google view. It is not our policy to 'sneak' an app into a store only to find out couple of months later, that it has been reported and, removed for violating the rules. Therefore, in order to use our app, you will have to put a trust into us and enable installation of apps from unknown sources. And no, we do not intend to hijack your personal data, track your location, steal your contacts, empty your bank account or blackmail you for looking at girls or whatnots. We are not into that kind of business and we leave that to various secret alphabet agencies around the world. We provide advertising to our clients, we do that since 2000 (yeah, we celebrate 15 year anniversary this September) and we do not intend to ruin our reputation with an usecure or harmful app. We sincerely do not care, whether you find and contact our clients from our website or from our app. The app is here for you for free. Take it or leave it.

Escort online does not provide, arrange for or otherwise faciliate any of the services advertised on this site! Unauthorized use of any part of this site without express and written permission is strictly prohibited. All persons listed at this server are of legal age.


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