Escort online uses the geolocation feature of most modern browsers and devices to determine your position (if allowed) and, if successful, offer the option to sort lists of girls and places by distance.

It's worth mentioning, that this feature is entirely independent on as it is built-in into your browser and in no way can we guarantee the accuracy and function of this feature. While the geolocation feature works very well on handheld devices with location services enabled, the accuracy and function on desktop computers may vary from realtively accurate to entirely wrong.

It is also worth noting, that we do not collect any user data related to geolocation or any other user data for that matter - the geolocation feature is here for your comfort only. You can still easily disable the geolocation feature for this site should you decide to. You can also enable it again, but that is not entirely easy and the way to re-enable geolocation services for a given page depends largely on your device, OS and browser.

Escort online uses various symbols to indicate the current state of geolocation. The explanation of those icons is as follows:

Your position is being detected

Your position was just found and updated

The page uses your last found position

Your position was impossible to detect

Geolocation services for this page were disabled in your settings

Your device / browser does not support the geolocation feature

Escort online does not provide, arrange for or otherwise faciliate any of the services advertised on this site! Unauthorized use of any part of this site without express and written permission is strictly prohibited. All persons listed at this server are of legal age.


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